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In the South and West, a Tax on Being Poor

Everywhere we see that Wilkinson’s book The Spirit Level applies; one of these studies points to regressive taxes as indicators of inequality and their higher associated costs: The NYT published an article about it: In the South and West, a

Medicaid Stance

The discussion on implementation of ACA by states gets heated, but I find it worthy of attention the map showing the states that are going ahead with an implementation of the Act, and how it correlates to the infamous “right

Seeing #47percent in Gephi

Now that we have debates coming in, let’s see what Twitter had to say about the 47 percent comment from a while ago. As you can see from the graph, there were a few major players twittering that thing, with

Health care as a right

All the heated debates about healthcare vary radically on the position they take to human life. Framed as socialism, a battle that the Democrats willingly lost, healthcare for all is unwinnable. Framed as another freedom that this country gives its

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Benedetti dies

uno no siempre hace lo que quiere
pero tiene el derecho de no hacer
lo que no quiere

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Document Freedom Day 2009

Today is Document Freedom Day 2009 Why is that imnpoirtant? When a corporation owns the format in which your document lives, it is effectively gone from you the moment that corporation changes anything, goes broke, anything. Also, if you have

OLPC and milk

I am confident that the One Laptop Per Child will have the effect which is the educational equivalent of the nutritional disaster that imported formula has had on the poor parts of the world. Is this a broad generalization, or

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All dressed in black

When is it that you realize that your social conscience is asleep? Today, I kept noticing people at work all dressed in black, and suddenly I remember the account of the Jenna 6 from the archives of democracy now, the

Gut feeling

Committee on Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson asks Chertoff to clarify his gut feeling comment: Words have power, Mr. Secretary. You must choose them wisely—especially when they relate to the lives and security of the American public. What

Segregated education

Diversity Magazine has an article about the recent Supreme Court decision on it, End of an Era? starts with The U.S. Supreme Court Thursday issued a 5-4 ruling against voluntary-integration plans in K-12 public-school districts in Louisville, Ky. and Seattle,