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World Refugee Day

Today is World Refugee Day, a day instituted to bring awareness to the plight of the millions of people displaced by racism, intolerance, war and persecution. Go and check MDW, that has a poem by a 14 year old Sudanese

From Mary Daly

And thanks to Gwen, for pointing this out; check the interview here: I just don’t think that way, see, about guarding against. I’m thinking about plunging ahead. All right, I think you guard against decay, in general, and stagnation, by


Luis Carlos Galan was a Colombian presidential candidate, assassinated in August 18th, 1989. He was a big opponent of the drug cartels, and although young, had great promise. The day of his death I was at an international conference for

Si me matan

These days I am very aware of my mortality. Poetry: If they kill me. Found here: Canto a los hijos en marcha by Andrés Eloy Blanco Madre, si me matan, que no venga el hombre de las sillas negras; que

On white privilege

A few weeks ago, somebody physically attacked me. He is one foot taller, weights fifty pounds more, and is white. Obviously, I called the police. Imagine my surprise when they arrive, and they yell at me! “You get away now!”

China has a long way to go

The Empire is still far, far away: Guy Sorman has a scalding piece on the mirage that is modern China: The Party’s primary concern is not improving the lives of the downtrodden; it seeks power more than it seeks social

You can’t veto the truth

New at Election Central: You can’t veto the truth: And here the video: There is hope.

On violent days

On these violent days, where news are flooded with the VT massacre and the countless dead in Iraq and Darfur, it is necessary for us to recount our human nature, and understand and remember what is what distinguish us from

Death threats

Bloggers are under attack: death threats to Kathy Sierra, and an international response. In these days, that people are simply throwing around death threats as if they were candy, it might be worth to revisit wikipedia: A death threat is

Torturer and mirror

Benedetti has always been political. Torturador y espejo (Torturer and mirror) by Mario Benedetti Found here and here as well. Mirate así qué cangrejo monstruoso atenazó tu infancia qué paliza paterna te generó cobarde qué tristes sumisiones te hicieron despiadado