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Installing SuiteCRM

To install SuiteCRM, you have many options,but two of those are to go with a bitnami account, or simply to self-host. I am choosing the hard way, because what is a SaaS implementation without a little bit of pain? Furthermore,

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Parsing HTML with Ruby

While working on a little school project I found that at some point I would have to do some HTML parsing. having heard of why I went, then, to Hpricot page and started working with it. Not a good decision,

Getting Ruby to work on Vista64

Trying to get Ruby and Rails to work in Vista64 turned to be an exercise in masochism: All the wikis, blogs, fora and others re contradicting one another, based on what worked in one system and extrapolating to other situations.

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more Haskell

Real World Haskell has five more chapters. Haskell came to my attention after reading all the reddit posts about it. Time to give it a try.

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Clojure, a new Lisp is born

Everybody has been talking about it:


While working on some web app implementation (from the sidelines, really), I was reminded of the complexities of the MVC model: Model-View-Controller is the concept introduced by Smalltalk’s inventors (TrygveReenskaug and others) of encapsulating some data together with its processing

Fractal benchmark

A fractal benchmark, for those considering the total switch to ruby: is this accurate?

Ruby Acceptance

Cedric is pessimistic regarding Ruby and its mainstream acceptance: Why Ruby on Rails won’t become mainstream Interestingly, they might even be right. But by then, it won’t matter because despite its technical excellence, Ruby on Rails will still be a

Ruby fast

Ruby fast Justin Gehtlan has some interesting numbers from a ruby app at Some Numbers at Last, with the sweetest conclusion: Rails can be very fast… On the other hand, I am going to spend more of my time trying

Tip of the morning

In reality, the Iron Monkey has it right when he advises people on how to be good, whether coders or rock stars: learn what others have been doing well, and learn to do it like that. Of course, it also