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Parsing HTML with Ruby

While working on a little school project I found that at some point I would have to do some HTML parsing. having heard of why I went, then, to Hpricot page and started working with it. Not a good decision,

Ruby 1.9.1 in Karmic Ubuntu

A nice guide to get Ruby 1.9.1 working on Ubuntu Karmic, here. If you want ruby and irb to link to 1.9.1 version, look at the following piece of code that change the default ruby version. Applying this to a

Getting Ruby to work on Vista64

Trying to get Ruby and Rails to work in Vista64 turned to be an exercise in masochism: All the wikis, blogs, fora and others re contradicting one another, based on what worked in one system and extrapolating to other situations.

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Why Mammals Won’t Become Mainstream

This is a parody. Of this. And, as such, protected. You won’t be reading any Mammals bashing in this blog post for a simple reason: I love Running Appetizing Intelligent Little Snacks and I love Mammals. Milk-sucking warm-blooded pets are

Ruby fast

Ruby fast Justin Gehtlan has some interesting numbers from a ruby app at Some Numbers at Last, with the sweetest conclusion: Rails can be very fast… On the other hand, I am going to spend more of my time trying