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Psychopaths around us

Hey, let’s try this little quiz: are you a psychopath? For this person I know, the answer is The test results suggest strong psychopathic tendencies. This does not mean the person is a potential mass-murderer: socialised psychopaths are not mad,

Gender and imagery in science

It is interesting to note how our own cultural biases change and sometimes impede the scientific research. That is the case in fertilization, as Emily Martin studied: In fact, biologists could have figured out a hundred years ago that sperm

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Happy Colombia Independence Day!

So now we celebrate the Dia de la Independencia de Colombia, remembering the words by Acevedo y Gomez: Si perdéis estos momentos de efervescencia y calor, si dejáis escapar esta ocasión única y feliz, antes de doce horas seréis tratados

Pain is just an oil away

From wired, it now happens that nerves may transmit information using a mechanism akin to sound waves, not electric signals! Since olive oil is similar to the lipid molecules that make up nerve cells, Jackson and Heimburg started questioning the

Plastic brain, purple rain

OK, so that is a bad word game, yet the plasticity of the brain appears to be nothing short of amazing, miraculous, and incomprehensible just yet; from the NYTimes: For patients with brain injury, the revolution brings only good news,

Pluto loves you

Amid all the controversies regarding Pluto’s status as a planet, there comes the most judicious voice of all, thanks to a very “special messagefor Scott “Pluto Hayta” Westerfeld. You don’t argue with that logic. Technorati: astronomy, humor, video

Flat universe

The world is round, but the Universe is flat, as suggested by physicist Raphael Bousso: The holographic bound that the entropy (log of number of quantum states) of a system is bounded from above by a quarter of the area


Meat grown in huge vats could be a possibility. But really, do we want to have a synthosteak? And what are the energy benefits of such a thing, ie, how much energy goes into it and what goes out of

Fleshy T Rex

A dinosaur is like an Oreo: the good stuff is inside. Mary Highby Schwitzer found soft tissue in the remnants of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Jack Horner, another paleontologist, said “Dinosaurs are relatively rare and we certainly think of Tyrannosaurus rex