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Gender and imagery in science

It is interesting to note how our own cultural biases change and sometimes impede the scientific research. That is the case in fertilization, as Emily Martin studied: In fact, biologists could have figured out a hundred years ago that sperm

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Pillow book

Striaght form, coming via Laurie, this pillow book. Where have I lived my life?

Weak as I am

Every time I went singing, or in my music appreciation class, the teachers, directors, professors etc. would remark on the structure of the opus being studied. All of them would equal it to an orgasm, basically saying that it would

Thorough research

Let’s celebrate! I am link number nine in Google for “Naked pussy”. Oops. Now I am number eight.

It used to be that

It used to be that Trainspotting’s surreal presentation of the demented world of heroine addicts raised concerns and awareness. Hell, even heroin pales in front of marathon sex with enhanced senses. The worst, it is tempting!