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Seeing #47percent in Gephi

Now that we have debates coming in, let’s see what Twitter had to say about the 47 percent comment from a while ago. As you can see from the graph, there were a few major players twittering that thing, with

Have a story?

If you have a story about Social Media and how it changes your worked, go to Shel’s post and tell him.

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Tweetbacks plugin not right

Tweetbacks turns twitterers into spammers – I have a 100 tweetbacks now in the blog, and deleting them fast. One of the offenders is also twitrans, which is asking for a lot of not nice translations. Ahh, it was nice

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Talk is easy

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Koobface in Facebook

Facebook, much maligned social site, is now target of trojans, specifically the Koobface. But it was due to happen: Facebook as a social application is, by far, the most famous; its users are all connected through some degree of trust,

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IB for social media?

They call it social networking, and according to, there will be research: IBM Corp. is setting up a research center in Cambridge to develop better ways for businesses to use social networking software. “It’s something that can have worldwide

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Twitter grows like bread

Twitter gets a 420% growth over the same period last year, as reported by Mashable! Of course, that is after the failwhale made a gracious exit, and all the Pr companies discovered the possibilities of spam through unestablished channels. Furthermore,

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Change your social media

I am almost ashamed: I have spent the brief interludes that daily life affords to try to connect my wireless gain using my trusty Ubuntu on my crusty Dell, and yet no wifi. Yes I have read them all, and

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Twitter and facebook – aol 2.0?

First, they took the walls off the garden using another social media site. Second, eternal September, once more, using facebook as

lolcats, communities and emergence

Anil says that lolcats has grammar, and in doing so points to the most important characteristic of those anthropomorphized felines: There’s a consistent visual vocabulary to the construct, as well. If it ain’t Impact or Arial Black or some other