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Cluster Analysis on R

This was going to be a magic post about clustering an it amazing abilities to find out hidden gems, gaining insight from the data, reducing a problem to a manageable situation, or better explaining a given situation to business partners

OLPC gone windows

This comment summarizes it all: OLPC = One License Per Child Reported by the Inquirer, the OLPC project is throwing away its linux pedigree, opting for the impossibly corporate Microsoft Windows. What, I wonder, is the rationale behind it. An

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Cultural map of the world

The great Inglehart-Weizel Cultural Map of the World. But it looks to me as if a lot of these things could be better explained with a third coordinate; this map made me think of the cusp bifurcation, very well explained

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OLPC and milk

I am confident that the One Laptop Per Child will have the effect which is the educational equivalent of the nutritional disaster that imported formula has had on the poor parts of the world. Is this a broad generalization, or

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Is OLPC degrading?

While interesting to suggest giving an OLPC, what is it that makes it insulting? It doesn’t go to a “kid”, it goes to a school system, which will then have to pay to maintain it. They’re actually having trouble unloading

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linux in walmart

walmart is, oddly, the perfect environment to deploy linux for the masses. Check the Wired article about a nice$200 desktop available at walmart. Given the typical walmart consumer, this is akin to the famous olpc initiative, although in a much

All dressed in black

When is it that you realize that your social conscience is asleep? Today, I kept noticing people at work all dressed in black, and suddenly I remember the account of the Jenna 6 from the archives of democracy now, the

Bobo marketing

A marvelous realization! All that fake Nepalese cutlery? All those distressed tables? all carefully marketed!: We tend to think our standards for the beautiful and good are natural and eternal. They aren’t. And you know who needs this analysis of

Segregated education

Diversity Magazine has an article about the recent Supreme Court decision on it, End of an Era? starts with The U.S. Supreme Court Thursday issued a 5-4 ruling against voluntary-integration plans in K-12 public-school districts in Louisville, Ky. and Seattle,

Guerrilla biking

This Toronto activist’s idea of painting your own bike lanes makes wonder about the legality and feasibility of such an activity here in Winston-Salem. Unlike other cities, which are full of cyclists and pedestrians, like Greensboro or SFO, this little