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World Refugee Day

Today is World Refugee Day, a day instituted to bring awareness to the plight of the millions of people displaced by racism, intolerance, war and persecution. Go and check MDW, that has a poem by a 14 year old Sudanese

From Mary Daly

And thanks to Gwen, for pointing this out; check the interview here: I just don’t think that way, see, about guarding against. I’m thinking about plunging ahead. All right, I think you guard against decay, in general, and stagnation, by

On violent days

On these violent days, where news are flooded with the VT massacre and the countless dead in Iraq and Darfur, it is necessary for us to recount our human nature, and understand and remember what is what distinguish us from

Race and racism revived

Is the issue of race forgotten already? Clearly, people tend to forget that which is more unsavory: At least in the abstract most Americans disavow bigotry. They feel that it’s shameful that American citizens are being discriminated against because of

Dance and fitness

Dance and fitness Even though the general tone of this article irks me in an indescribable way, it carries a ton of truth: dancing will save your life: Drumming and dancing brought profound benefits to individual human bodies, but it

On bullshit

Completely jaded are we, that any advice is regarded with an extreme skepticism, and unless we can figure out an obvious advantage for ourselves, our initial and often definitive response is a curt “No thanks”, as if the offer were

The one hundred dollars computer

Computers at $100. Get your hot computer! That’s what Novatium is going to do in India, offer cheap computers, according to The Business Standard. Their vision is nothing if not daring: To take computing to the next billion users. These

Steve Zen

This is famous by now, the Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech, with a nice excerpt for you two out there: You’ve got to find what you love, and that is as true for work as it is for your lovers.

Robot nanny

Chris Anderson wrote about the long tail. Now he writes about Roomba as robot nanny: “she” will vacuum the house, and play with the kids before bedtime. I can already see the headlines in Time Magazine, 2010: “I was raised

On evolution

My delightfully rational friends: Here is something you might find refreshing: The NYT publishes an article on unintelligent design that attacks the myth of intelligent design. Of course, arguing with fanatics proves nothing but their own foolishness; however, it makes