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Things to do in no particular order

This is a list of the things tech that I have been given, in one way or another, in the last few weeks. Create a minecraft server Make a docker version of minecraft Expand said server with kubernetes Commercialize the

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Google Phone rumours

Ohh that it were true! Thee are rumours about a new Google phone coming out in January for only $99, and although pure speculation it makes my mouth water in anticipation. Gizmodo actually has a good point: Google would be

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Document Freedom Day 2009

Today is Document Freedom Day 2009 Why is that imnpoirtant? When a corporation owns the format in which your document lives, it is effectively gone from you the moment that corporation changes anything, goes broke, anything. Also, if you have

Koobface in Facebook

Facebook, much maligned social site, is now target of trojans, specifically the Koobface. But it was due to happen: Facebook as a social application is, by far, the most famous; its users are all connected through some degree of trust,

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Spore DRM and the most copied game

And I get this email “@Neurokafka you DMR invaded brain washed corporate elitist! about 5 hours ago from TwitterFox in reply to Neurokafka” okay, w.t.f. are you talking about? What do you have against stand-up comedy? Larry Miller and what

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Twittering words

The famous TC50 are already creating a huge reaction; A funny one? twíttere rands, who says Read the company description — tell me how long until you are forced to punch yourself in the face. My record: 15 words –

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OLPC gone windows

This comment summarizes it all: OLPC = One License Per Child Reported by the Inquirer, the OLPC project is throwing away its linux pedigree, opting for the impossibly corporate Microsoft Windows. What, I wonder, is the rationale behind it. An

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OLPC and milk

I am confident that the One Laptop Per Child will have the effect which is the educational equivalent of the nutritional disaster that imported formula has had on the poor parts of the world. Is this a broad generalization, or

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Is OLPC degrading?

While interesting to suggest giving an OLPC, what is it that makes it insulting? It doesn’t go to a “kid”, it goes to a school system, which will then have to pay to maintain it. They’re actually having trouble unloading

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Inflight information

These last airline restrictions spell marvels for the software industry! Seriously. I was reading last night the blog of DarcyLabMistress (and for those interested in who she is you might want to remember Kevin Mitnick), and reading her and her