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Spore DRM and the most copied game

And I get this email “@Neurokafka you DMR invaded brain washed corporate elitist! about 5 hours ago from TwitterFox in reply to Neurokafka” okay, w.t.f. are you talking about? What do you have against stand-up comedy? Larry Miller and what

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Modern art

You know all those GPS trackers you can get at spy stores? What about the smaller ones, the ones that indicate position in a room? Abe has a proposal for a 21st century installation: – Buy 5 -11 floor cleaning

Inflight information

These last airline restrictions spell marvels for the software industry! Seriously. I was reading last night the blog of DarcyLabMistress (and for those interested in who she is you might want to remember Kevin Mitnick), and reading her and her

Ruby Acceptance

Cedric is pessimistic regarding Ruby and its mainstream acceptance: Why Ruby on Rails won’t become mainstream Interestingly, they might even be right. But by then, it won’t matter because despite its technical excellence, Ruby on Rails will still be a