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This is a list of the things tech that I have been given, in one way or another, in the last few weeks. Create a minecraft server Make a docker version of minecraft Expand said server with kubernetes Commercialize the …

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Can’t be easier than that. I just launched Digital Ocean instance, appliance Docker, and install Rocker. A perfect, nice RStudio server to play with when on the move.

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These days that handle heat and patriotism, mixed with bubbles, street carnivals and overpriced flags made in China, are also reminders of subtler emotions, deeds and promises: we all read the books, and can almost TH understand the meaning and …

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While working on a little school project I found that at some point I would have to do some HTML parsing. having heard of why I went, then, to Hpricot page and started working with it. Not a good decision, …

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I am re-reading Anansi Boys, that delicious book by Neil Gaiman; the writer describes it as If you have to classify it, it’s probably a magical-horror-thriller-ghost-romantic-comedy-family-epic, although that leaves out the detective bits and much of the food. . The …

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“Colombia is a dangerous country for Americans!” FALSE. USA is the dangerous country for Americans. Everything else is just hearsay. Let’s look at the numbers, please, and then decide which is the worst, most dangerous country; for this, please tell …

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Facebook, much maligned social site, is now target of trojans, specifically the Koobface. But it was due to happen: Facebook as a social application is, by far, the most famous; its users are all connected through some degree of trust, …

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The NBER officially tell us that we are now in a recession: The committee identified December 2007 as the peak month, after determining that the subsequent decline in economic activity was large enough to qualify as a recession. via the …

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Check the Music Maker Relief Foundation, as shown by the csmonitor. I got ot get to see these people.