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Fictional billionaires

Even though it may be a little self-referential, coming from Forbes , it seems to be specally true of these times: If fiction can be regarded as a culture’s subconscious, then it’s clear that we are a nation obsessed with

Weather as punishment

Bad weather in Texas

Savvy finance

Reading Dorothea’s description of her attitude towards personal finances made me remember my own sad and depleted coffers. I am an Economist, with capital E, but somehow I missed the part where it said”do not indulge”. Every time I go


Go say hi to

She is traveling

Dreamgirl is traveling this summer to Nepal, and me, computer freak that I am (her words), promptly offered my services in one of those zany ideas; weblog the whole thing, document it, post your pictures here, make everybody know about

MT 2.6

Yay! Woot! ¡Viva! movabletype has released its version 2.6! I have been checking their site twice a day lately! OK, now kids, remember. BACKUP!

Thin out

Remember when I was wondering whether I had lost 16 pounds in 20 days? Happens that to be that the scale is working well: I am off 20 pounds now. I have also three very elegant wool suits that don’t

What have we become

Elaine wonders what kind of nation are we becoming, and why is it that others find it so compelling to write about our horrible face. I have been wondering the same lately, and unlike Elaine, I can not sleep. I