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Seeing #47percent in Gephi

Now that we have debates coming in, let’s see what Twitter had to say about the 47 percent comment from a while ago. As you can see from the graph, there were a few major players twittering that thing, with

Delicious is dead

Back in April, Violet Blue mused about the new ToS for the AVOS owned Delicious. She revisited that appreciation a few days after the unveiling of the new and hobbled Delicious, and she was not happy: Delicious is a bitter

Whales! 2009-11-22

#music from around the world for and by kids # @QueenofSpain it is also football hence laundry. Manchester! in reply to QueenofSpain # UI, see this #

Whales! 2009-11-21

Galeras volcano erupts #

Whales! 2009-11-20

google wave is underwhelming. # @plasticbagUK but writing allows to revisit ideas and re-evaluate thoughts in reply to plasticbagUK #

Whales! 2009-11-19

do you remember Jordan almonds? #

Whales! 2009-11-18

@almostwitty why? Is the movie about universal health care? in reply to almostwitty # @Shoq how do you present twitter then? in reply to Shoq # the whole political discourse on health care is about consumers, not citizens, or patients,

Whales! 2009-11-17

Grooveshak just placed Raphael (yes, that one) in the middle of Bach works. #

Whales! 2009-11-14

@ahmadnassri can i get one? in reply to ahmadnassri #

Whales! 2009-11-13

Watching for hetero-normative bias in my interactions with the offspring. # @Chaoticwhizz discussion about Moment and 1.6 in reply to Chaoticwhizz #