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Guerrilla biking

This Toronto activist’s idea of painting your own bike lanes makes wonder about the legality and feasibility of such an activity here in Winston-Salem. Unlike other cities, which are full of cyclists and pedestrians, like Greensboro or SFO, this little

Family law

Well, in some aspects, good old WS is ahead of the pack: The Safe on Seven program in Forsyth County centralizes services for victims on the seventh floor of the county courthouse… The initial step in Guilford County was, of

Yes, it is me!

But Mr. DA doesn’t believe! UPDATE: Mr. DA believes now! Wow!

Sunday morning cars

The sound of cars passing, slowly, under my window, has been quite soothing for some time now. The drivers are considerate enough to drive by at very low speeds, their motors rumbling in first gear, the lull of the rhythmic

Death threats

Bloggers are under attack: death threats to Kathy Sierra, and an international response. In these days, that people are simply throwing around death threats as if they were candy, it might be worth to revisit wikipedia: A death threat is

Old cars

It is a cold day in a crazy week – so it was time to go out and see what the locals offer. While drinking a nice cup of overpriced coffee, I happened on this old Chevy 1973. The car’s