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And I thought I had outlived this horrible November loved/dreaded task! Last couple years were definitely too surreal to even think about writing, This year is proving to be unique as well, but I might give it a shot, between

Thinking as a hobby

PTB points to the three degrees of thinking that William Golding discovered early in life. I love that ability to place your mind outside of the discourse, look at the background noise, and come with a reason why. But much

On broken cultures and weaving reality

Go fly a kite! So I went. And lo and behold, the kite became the metaphor for whatever culture I was in: It was just a matter of letting go, of lifting restrictions and eliminating poisonous influences, to start writing

GTD and nanowrimo

I love working under pressure. Thus, writing under the aegis of Nanowrimo is highly rewarding, since I get to write all kinds of outlandish things, and people actually like it. Well, I like it. However, that little procrastination demon appears,

Nanowrimo excerpt

Because I couldn’t go talking about writing last Sunday, and because Saleem asked for it, here is an excerpt of the NanoWriMo I am doing right now. I live in a big city, all marble and cement and old edifices


Off to the Nanowrimo, with the excellent group that Ctoole has organized this year. I know that one of the people there has already in excess of 8000 words! What to write that you don’t know already? Basically, that I

writer’s blog

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