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IB for social media?

They call it social networking, and according to boston.com, there will be research: IBM Corp. is setting up a research center in Cambridge to develop better ways for businesses to use social networking software. “It’s something that can have worldwide

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Twitter grows like bread

Twitter gets a 420% growth over the same period last year, as reported by Mashable! Of course, that is after the failwhale made a gracious exit, and all the Pr companies discovered the possibilities of spam through unestablished channels. Furthermore,

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Twittering words

The famous TC50 are already creating a huge reaction; A funny one? twíttere rands, who says Read the company description — tell me how long until you are forced to punch yourself in the face. My record: 15 words –

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we googled you

google. lower case google: you get more brand recognition and mind share by being a verb, not a brand: air is free, yet we all breath it. Now, to the point: zephoria asks for participation in her Case Study for

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