So, I went to see SpiderMan and it cried “sequel, sequel” like crazy!

If you think about it, it’s obvious. The kid with james dean hairdo and the raccoon eyes swear vengeance. The bad guy’s son gets the girl. The good guy gets two lousy kisses.

Come on, the only occasions in which that upside down kiss works is when you are going to end up in a 69, and is why you tolerate it! As for kissing in a cemetery, well, not only creepy but would get me thinking about the woman, you know? Along the lines of what does she thinks she is doing, does she get off on dead people?

She likes spiders, so perhaps not mari juana but morticia. Unless of course, the producers first option were Cristina Ricci, but they were afraid she might end up eating the male of the species or something.

And the thing with the nets, come on!! On the comic, he makes them, he invents the whole thing so it could come out of the thingies ON his wrists, not IN! And I remember that on many occasions the lack of web fluid had almost killed him, once that he fell from a building, and had to use his right arm grab a ledge.

But the real thing is that, as everyone knows, you can only shoot so many times before your webs, so to speak, diminish to nothing and, instead of sticking to the wall, fall to the floor. In the first car chase scene, I was thinking, ok, he shot his last charge, now he goes on refractory period or whatever. But no!! Money shots till he got the bad guy. And even some on the mouth of the goblin.

Really, some scriptwriter over there at Columbia is into some kinky sex.

Ahh but nothing so beautiful as Kirsten’s smile – all of her four capped front teeth. If you could see the molars at the back of her mouth, bad luck.
Or that scene in which her abusive father yells at her that she is some trashy slutty whatever, and she goes, dignity hurt, tears on her face, miniskirt buttons open for all to see her never tanned legs. Real classy.

Which brings me to diversity and inclusion of ethnical representative groups. I know it was filmed against the background of some New Yorkish city. The house of Mr. Maguire is in Queens. Full of Colombians and other nationalities. New York, where there are 200 different ethnicities. Where diversity is the definition of the place.
Did you see any of that?
Me neither – The high school, out of Grease, complete with idiot greasy black hair. Token black teacher, token Oriental female scientist, WASPs all around.

Poor spider.

ah, tan bueno que es dejarse de pendejadas y empezar a pensar en, como no, máss bobadas.

Lo que asusta de Internet y de todo eso es la velocidad con que cualquier idea se vuelve obsoleta, passe, absolutamente obvia y totalmente predecible. De los Uncle al y Justin Links pasamos a los blogs a una velocidad impresionante, nos quedamos al margen de lo que ocurría alrededor y ahora tratamos de ponernos al día, aprendiendo Linux versión 7.loquesea de Redhat y tratando de aparecer un poquito menos pueblerinos que antes.

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